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10:09 AM | 2023-08-20 2004
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

From the sea to Al-Hussein sacred slaughter place

For many years, the Arbaeen procession of Imam al-Hussain, peace be upon him, was centered between the holy Najaf and the holy Karbala. That is why we used to see the crowding of processions serving the visitors, including sleeping and feeding, between these two cities, in a way that reached the compactness of the procession next to the other, which produced a surplus of food in this region from the rest of the roads between The Iraqi governorates that form crossings and links for the visitor coming on foot from outside the borders or departing from within the governorates.


In the past few years, signs of a new development of the Husayni march began in terms of its launch from a point that is at the farthest Iraqi border, far from the holy city of Karbala, which is the Ras al-Bishah area on the Gulf waters, to establish a model march line in which the Husayni crowds gather, whether coming from Iran or those coming  from the Arab Gulf countries

 In addition to the province of Basra and the southern provinces, to establish an explicit and clear media line of the Husayni faith that transcends languages and races and tramples on all current and subsequent plots and strife of division. They are united by the clan of Iraq, which was baptized with the blood of the martyrs of faith and jihad and steadfastness on the methodology of Ahl al-Bayt, may God’s prayers and peace be upon them and their rituals throughout history.

From the sea to Al-Hussein sacred slaughter place, whose pure blood flowed into rivers that turned into seas. It is the march of the Husseini rituals that resisted annihilation, terrorism, mutilation, and slaughter, and began to develop its tools and its religious and human discourse. We have a duty to work to root this march, which embodies faith unity under the banner of the Master of Martyrs, which flutters over every land and bears the echo of his resounding voice with “We will never accept humiliation”to shake the thrones of darkness in all countries and all times.


The rooting process needs someone to write, analyze, and point to the negative before the positive, and it needs media voices, Husseini platforms, and logistical support that plants the road with shelter and feeding processes, just like the road between the holy Karbala and the honorable Najaf. Support the march of Al-Hussein, peace be upon him, and you will find the echo of its mighty river in Iraq reverberating with rivers in neighboring countries, and beyond, to converge with it tomorrow, crossing all barriers, just as the blood vessel of Imam Al-Hussein crossed all borders and reached all the faithful, equal hearts... Peace be upon Al-Hussein!



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